How do I get Chic Points?

  1. 1 Chic Point - Receive a new comment.
  2. 1 Chic Point - Leaving a comment for another user (up to 25 Chic Points a day).
  3. 1 Chic Point - Posting in the forum (up to 10 Points per 24 hours).
  4. 5 Chic Point - Writing a review .
  5. 5 Chic Point - Logging into Chictopia every 24 hours.
  6. 5 Chic Points - Posting a photo that makes its way into the #OOTD Gallery .
  7. 10 Chic Points - Every 24 hours, you can log in to Chictopia and invite up to 10 friends who are not already members of Chictopia. Each friend will be able to start out with 10 Chic Points and you will receive 10 Chic Points once your friend has registered for Chictopia.
  8. 10 Chic Points - Acquiring a new follower.
  9. 500 Chic Points - Contributing an approved article for EverybodyisUgly .
  10. 10-1000 - If you receive a Chic Reward and post about it on Chictopia and/or your personal blog. Message Cheri to get some Chic Points deposited to your account!
  11. 10-5000 - Chic Gift Codes are codes that can be used to redeem Chic Points. Chic Gift Codes are posted weekly on Chictopia's Facebook Page , Twitter Page . If you happen to get one that is still active, you can use it here .
  12. 10-1000 - If you purchased something from Chictopia Shop and showcased yourself wearing the item on your blog, Facebook, or any other social media channels. You can message Cheri and will receive some Chic Points.
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