The Adjustment Period

Updated on Nov 05, 2009

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lookfortheoccasion on May 22
super cute
LILthriftahSISTAH on November 09
i love your outfit.....and I understand what you are saying( - :
myheartispaper on November 07
I totally agree with everything you just said. Next time I like something but think "that does NOT suit me", I will defo try the adjustment period :D thanks for the great advice!
WorldUgly on November 09
Awesome, I hope it means you'll have a lot of fun getting dressed!
PeachyPanda on November 06
you're so adorable! i agree, i love making changes although many times i must endure the "adjustment period"
Style_Journey on November 06
cuuuuuute shoes and jacket!!!
garagegirl on November 05
Lovely shoes!You look so cute!
_megee on November 05
Thank you! I'm forever changing my appearence, style, and it never works, and I'm never really happy with it. I wish I could just find 'me'! Whats on the outside of me can determine how I act, and can greatly alter my confidence! Thank you for reminding me thar I'm not going to get my style handed on a silver platter!
WorldUgly on November 05
You know, I also think style is in constant change...not just fashions and trends, but as reflections of ourselves. If we aren't stagnant in life, then neither should our clothes/style be. So, I think you're totally right be changing and exploring how you want to look--maybe you are just hard to pin down! :)
secondskin on November 05
Thank you so much for the inspiration! I bought like 15 pairs of colored and textured crochet tights this season with the express intent on really wearing them (I still have some i the original packaging from last season) I am determined to do it and your explanation of why it feels so weird to me is spot on!
WorldUgly on November 05
Good luck with the tights--you have so much to play with now! :)
lissakahayon on November 05
I love your end note dear! Nice outfit!!!
zhcsyra_hp on November 05
sweet dress and cute face :))
cam005 on November 05
great photos and very cute outfits!
jazzyhwang on November 05
ahh both outfits are amazing! i really love this post! it's so inspiring and i totally agree with it :) i'm really glad you weathered your adjustment period, otherwise you wouldn't be such an inspiration to all of us here on chictopia :)
WorldUgly on November 05
Thanks, you're too sweet!
suomenlinnadharling on November 05
Both of these outfits are such classic fall looks! I love it! And WOW! you give great advice! :)
benzerj on November 05
very good advice! i always love looking at your photos because you try cool things. it makes me want to branch out more!!
WorldUgly on November 05
Aw, thank you! Life's too short to not trying something new, right?
libys11 on November 05
omy.. i totally agree!! i used to have issues when it comes to change too! but i learned that with it comes learning of becoming more mature and able to tackle different concerns. the good thing is it doesn't only apply to fashion but also life in general! :D
WorldUgly on November 05
So true! Some great things come with change in life, but we definitely tend to like our usual pattern. :)
maliciousmallory on November 05
That's true. I tried out a new style on a trip to DC over the summer to see how I liked it before I wore anything like it to school.
WorldUgly on November 05
Good tip, you know trying something out in an "off time" like summer before taking it to school and all your friends.
JeSuisRosa on November 05
cute!! love ur shoes :)
leekpie on November 05
This is stunningly pretty.
delightfullytacky on November 05
I was so afraid of change for so long, and now I feel like I'm better (if only maybe slightly) at adapting. Certainly my style is much more open to change. I used to wear blue jeans, skater shoes,and little boys' t-shirts religiously, and now I just feel so much more full of life than when I dressed like that. I wouldn't be caught dead in 90% of the things I wear now back when I was in hischool
WorldUgly on November 05
Isn't that how it goes? Once we do change we look back and wonder "what were we thinking?" :)
BethanyD on November 05
Love the dress and shoes!

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