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Updated on Nov 08, 2010
navy shoes - navy coat - heather gray sweater - silver tights - red skirt
Heather-gray-sweater-silver-tights-navy-coat-navy-shoes-red-skirt-blac Heather-gray-sweater-silver-tights-navy-coat-navy-shoes-red-skirt-blac Heather-gray-sweater-silver-tights-navy-coat-navy-shoes-red-skirt-blac Heather-gray-sweater-silver-tights-navy-coat-navy-shoes-red-skirt-blac Heather-gray-sweater-silver-tights-navy-coat-navy-shoes-red-skirt-blac
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

After seeing countless girls in the blogosphere rocking their plaid schoolgirl skirts, I knew I had to give mine a go again. How I got this is actually quite a cute story: back in highschool, when I was 14, I was a punk and showed up for class in red plaid pants with chaings hanging from them and had safetypins through my ears. Anyway, one time I showed up dressed like that for one of our artclasses, and our teacher loved my getup and she told me she used to dress the same way back when punk was just starting to develop in Belgium, when she was a young girl. I found it quite awesome to imagine our teachers being young, rebellious and hip, but I loved her even more the next week when she brought me this mini skirt. She’d made it herself way back when, and her daughter didn’t want it so she gave it to me! I wore it all the time back in highschool when Britney made mid rif baring fashion happening, but right now I feel like it is really a MICRO mini skirt, and I prefer my stuff high waisted (this one is extremely low waisted if you want your bum to be covered). I still love it though, so yanking it down and wearing it with a longer top so as to cover the fact that I am really wearing this skirt EXTREMELY low makes it work, sort of, right? This is probably the oldest piece of clothing I own, and my very first piece of vintage.

Do you have any nice stories attached to your clothes?

The coat is one of my recent purchases (bought it this summer and couldn’t wait to wear it when it got cold), and I love how I got it for so little money because I bought it at my summer job’s store and we always get a percentage off, because it looks so much more expensive than it was. Such a classic coat with nice detailing, and I needed a shorter coat because all my other winter coats are mid thigh or knee length.

In contrast to yesterday’s outfit, I really love today’s outfit. Simple, classic, fun and “me”. I love fashion most of all when the outfit you’re wearing isn’t all “hey look at me, I’m fashionable”, but the style is more timeless and in the details. Tights always are a great way to add interest to a look: this outfit would’ve been dull with simple black tights.

On my personal life: I am practically dying because I have so much work for uni right now, I don’t think I will be able to finish it without working on it 24/7. Like really, it is just too much work to get done before the deadline, I’m not even exaggerating. I have never had issues with time or timing, but this one is effing me up. Because I have to work that much and need to concentrate, I asked my boyfriend not to put music or the tv (he doesn’t even watch, he just likes the background noise) on because it would distract me, and he got all pissy because he can’t do whatever he wants in his own living room (yeah, whenever we have a fight he reverbs to 6yo mindset), and I expect an apology from him but since he hates apologizing, I might as well wait until I weigh a pound, as we say in Holland :D

I’m going to start working on my task now. Sigh.


Comments (60)

maddiejayy on May 20
kennyperry on February 27
cute! preppy and beautiful!
EvaLavender on December 21
cute skirt!
Tea_Loving_Noemie on November 19
Lovely vintagey feel in this outfit and love the story that goes with the skirt! I'm finally catching up with your outfits... I have been working so much, I've had absolutely no time to myself at all and wearing black everyday isn't much fun! x x x
CharmC on November 16
nice plaid skirt, and lovin' the story behind it :)
ChristineWong on November 16
very preppy, like X 100
Style_Journey on November 14
you look adorable in this classy preppy outfit!! gorgeous sweater, coat and shoes!! cute purse too<3
springfiry on November 14
Cute outfit!
soopernifty on November 14
The stories behind each of those pieces is inspiring! <3
Chof on November 14
nice plaid skirt
SonjaG on November 11
preppy chic! loooove the little loafers!
butterfliesandkisses on November 11
love the bag
nenediazoro on November 10
love the skirt and the shoes.
glamourvixen on November 09
Cuuuuute! I love the plaid & stripes!!! Clothing with stories are the best! If i weren't so sleepy I'd try to think of one. hehe Love your looks! xo
headbandit on November 09
cute sweater!
princessblush on November 09
love the sweater! great look!
kayemoniquesgonzales on November 09
Love all the colors! And shoes are the best!
neonnothing on November 09
Love the shoes and the gray stockings!
Mysteriousgen on November 08
love your skirt with the mix of gray tights!
kiki_sandoval on November 08
cute coat
lissakahayon on November 08
love the clashing prints with the grey tights!!!
Reybeltane on November 08
love your bag! and I just ordered some grey tights and now i'm excited :-)
Lar1ssa on November 08
i like these shoes a whole lot! you look like a very hip catholic school girl
ficklishcheens on November 08
love the lines, plaid and that gray sweater!
charchelle27 on November 08
i love your outfit combination dear! especially your skirt and tights! super love!
365hangers on November 08
love the navy coat :)
KaileeBroadway on November 08
cityofbugs on November 08
i love the print mixing, and gorgeous jacket!
opfiend on November 08
Marvelous outfit! That's awesome about your teacher! Lucky!
WallflowerVintage on November 08
Great story! I have my great Grandma's blue velvet wedding gown - I hope to wear when I get married (if I can stay teeny tiny, that is - she weighed 90 pounds when she got married in 1935).
Annebeth on November 08
wow, do you have pictures of the dress? It sounds AMAZING!
jowisaur on November 08
Oh this is precious. I'm in love with the bag.
zoomusicgirl0 on November 08
very nice outfit and cool story. love stuff with a history. on your personal life: i'd say do all the necessary work, but stop being a perfectionist on this one. why should you care about the teacher's judgement. later too, it's never thát important that your work in the third year was 'perfect', and there are other things that are important too, like relaxing and stuff!
Annebeth on November 08
it's not about being perfect, I can absolutely handle not being perfect and I always choose a perfect working rhythm between good work and relaxing, I'm quite equilibriated like that, but this is just too MUCH work, even if I fuck it up I will never get it done before the deadline. Really ridiculous.
chubbylumpkin on November 08
Yes!! I am a fan of the plaid!!
WeMoveVintage on November 08
this is so cute!
taylorjonas on November 08
LA_Chica on November 08
skirt is great.
commonsenseandstilet on November 08
so cute! love :)
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on November 08
such a cute look! love your bag!CHIC!
gangsterpixie on November 08
ilovekrissy on November 08
love the print on print
JennaStevie on November 08
I really love the mix o stripes and plaid here, looks so great. Schoolgirl but in a grown up way! Great coat too! Boys are suuuch babies sometimes, I think they all revert to being a 6yr old in a fight, he'll get over it!
Annachiara on November 08
Gorgeous as always!!!!
Aphrodite on November 08
ah..another look that reminds me of Tommy AW10! And you're wearing them so well!!! great pieces put together nicely! Well done, again!!!
vanitychick on November 08
such a cute outfit!
lexigancayco on November 08
love how you matched this!
Smyles on November 08
Such a cutie! Thanks for being you :)
gdolceamore on November 08
stripes and plaid- so daring yet so adorable!
butterfliesandkisses on November 08
love the top and the ring
iamliezyl on November 08
Love the shoes and jacket!
SarahJaneR on November 08
I love that this look has a slight schoolgirl feel to it, like a prep school. Loving the ring as well! I think the one item in my closet that I've had for a while that I love are my first pair of H&M jeans. They are destroyed boot-cut and I wore them all my senior year of high school, through my pregnancy, and I still wear them :)
stickybun on November 08
i'm adding this to my ffavorite pics :)
Pink_Champagne on November 08
i love the mix of plaid and stripes!
krisco on November 08
adorable! i love the mix of prints here. two classic prints together = lovely!
xanjelix on November 08
cute skirt and shoes :)
LapinNoir on November 08
oooh lovely!!! love everything, really wonderful mix!! ^^ & what a lovely story about your skirt, that's so sweet of your...teacher!! of all people..! nice! poison's probably the only thing my teachers would have given me!! haha :D i feel you about the work :( & boys just don't get it...until it's their turn to concentrate! which we all know is like, hardly ever!.. or when we weigh a pound! ;)
LapinNoir on November 08
LOL don't know! maybe it's cuz they're made of snips & snails & puppy dog tails, like the nursery rhyme says! =P
Annebeth on November 08
hahaha love your comment :D yeah, what is it about guys and being so selfcentered? DOUCHEBAGS :D
juniee111 on November 08
love how you did this look.. great coat!!
angiekje on November 08
love love love the mixed prints :) great plaid skirt, with striped sweater and blazer, I'll always love that bag :) (saw it in London by the way :)) wow she gave you a skirt, that's so cool :) so you got it from... Pimkies, right? (the coat) I'm always trying to be accurate with knowint what blogpost was from whom... I thought you had so much work already :) never heard of that expression before:)
angiekje on November 08
nope die ken ik niet... vanaf nu wel :p ben een beetje zenuwachtig nu omdat ik mijn artikel voor EIU ga posten over bont... en idd daar gaat veel reactie op komen, zoals de eerste op mijn blog van chichichicjb... anyhow: het is maar dat erover nagedacht wordt :)
Annebeth on November 08
"wachten tot je een ons weegt", ken je die niet? :D ik had al werk, maar nu nog VEEL MEER en ja, van pimkie!
giraffe on November 08
is the title of your post based on the edward sharpe song? because if so, they're the bomb :3
Annebeth on November 08
it wasn't, but I just checked it out and I love it! thanks! :D
rainbowsandfairydust on November 08
love ur sweater and coat! xx
dramax3 on November 08
nice trenchcoat!!!
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