How To Cope With January and February

Updated on Jan 10, 2012

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syjjang on February 25
Thanks for the write, I reeally detest these winter months so even though it is a little late(but then again, I live in Canada...) I'm going to give some of these ideas a shot!
Mishelle on February 22
i agress!
OnTheGanges on January 13
I would also suggest taking out a (maybe trial, if they have them) membership at a gym. Being a homebody all winter's unhealthy, and exercising can actually boost the spirits! Also I focus on summer a little during the winter months, and buy clothes to anticipate the warm weather. It gives me more to look forward to, especially since I get token warm-weather-clothes for Christmas anyway.
lokisale on January 12
love the article!! summer is my favorite season too <3
Hqzou on January 24
Yes, summer is amazing. Eff winter.
F4SHI0N on January 11
you are a great writer!
Hqzou on January 24
Thank you!
alinaceusan on January 11
love the article ! true ! I am reading 2 !

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